Turf NSW have two levels of membership. 


Ordinary Membership with Turf Australia where you automatically become a Turf NSW member and normally invoiced in June annually.

Industry Development Fund that is a Turf NSW voluntary fund introduced in 2019 to assist with providing enhanced member services and normally invoiced at the start of the Calendar year.

Membership Matters

Turf Australia is committed to support its members, no matter how big or small your turf farm is. We are continuing to look for opportunities to increase the benefits of your membership. Your membership matters.

How does A TURF NSW membership help YOUR business?

Turf NSW is an industry-lead body totally focussed on initiatives and activities that deliver a DIRECT BENEFIT to you as a member NSW turf grower.

Industry Development Fund

The Turf NSW Board is calling on NSW growers to contribute voluntarily and annually to an additional (in the case of TA members) Turf NSW Industry Development Fund so we can continue to be an even more effective contributor to YOUR business effectiveness and long-term profitability. Your contribution ensures continued funding for our dedicated industry development officer to continue a total focus on supporting all NSW Turf Growers.